JD Power’s Home Charging Satisfaction Survey

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JD Power’s Home Charging Satisfaction Survey

🤓📋✅JD Power's 2023 US EVX Home Charging Study reveals customer satisfaction declining due to slow charging speeds, rising electricity rates, and lack of consumer education on charging programs.

📏🎱⚖️Satisfaction is measured across eight factors: fairness of retail price; cord length; the size of the charger; ease of winding/storing cable; cost of charging; charging speed; ease of use; and reliability.

📉🐢🤑The cost was a significant factor, dropping the index by over 30 points. New EV owners also played a significant role in the decline due to charging speed issues. 

🤷‍♀️🤷🤷‍♂️Only 51% of those surveyed were aware of cost-saving programs. 

🤖👍⏰Tesla owners and those who scheduled charging during low-cost hours were most satisfied.

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