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FTC announces changes to breach reporting, Ford takes to the sky, BYD grows in authority, and Tesla leaks its new bike seat (?). 🚲
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Just The Business

FTC's Data Breach Reporting Rule for Dealerships

Car dealerships must report specific data breaches to the FTC following a 3-0 unanimous vote. Institutions must inform within 30 days of a security breach affecting 500+ consumers.

Unauthorized access to unencrypted customer data also needs reporting. The rule kicks in 180 days after Federal Register publication. The National Automobile Dealers Association voices concerns.

Ford's Drone Delivery at Michigan Central Station

Ford takes flight with drone deliveries at Detroit's Michigan Central Station. Soon, drones will deliver meds, food, and more to locals. It's part of the Advanced Aerial Innovation Region initiative and a push for FAA approval for extended drone flights.

Collaborating with Michigan's DOT and Airspace Link, Ford aims at the projected $50B drone market by 2030, blending tech with real-world solutions.

BYD's Electric Momentum in Japan

BYD, China's EV powerhouse, celebrates an 82.2% profit surge at $1.42 billion in Q3. Making a splash at the Japan Mobility Show, BYD marked its entry as the first Chinese automaker present.

They unveiled the electric sedan Seal, targeting a 2024 Japan launch. Motorsport legend Keiichi Tsuchiya, the "Drift King," championed BYD's entrance. With 15 showrooms and 85 more planned by 2025, BYD electrifies the Japanese EV scene.

Tesla Updates: Cybertruck Event & Model S Seats

Tesla's Cybertruck event is on for November 30 at the Texas Gigafactory. A lottery system offers shareholders a chance for event passes—entries close on November 3. Check shareholder status on Tesla's website for access.

Meanwhile, a glimpse into the service manual showcases new sports seats for the Model S Plaid—sporty design, unique headrest, and a Plaid logo. The Model S just got sleeker.

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