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Hemi, Cruise, $27K Teslas, Kia’s MSRP ask, and one pricey Owl. 🦉
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Keeping It Real

Stellantis to Replace Hemi V-8 with Electrified Options

Stellantis is phasing out the iconic Hemi V-8 engines for Ram pickups, transitioning to electrified options, including a new plug-in hybrid named Ramcharger and more efficient six-cylinder engines. Facing fines for emissions standards, the company is embracing hybrids and EVs for regulation compliance. The Ramcharger, expected by 2025, will alleviate range anxiety with a gas engine-powered generator for extended driving.

GM's Cruise Suspends Driverless Operations

GM's Cruise has paused its autonomous operations after a collision, prompting safety concerns and a suspended license by California regulators. The Cruise Origin van production is halted, with human remote assistance needed every 4-5 miles. Despite this, hundreds of Origin vans are ready for future deployment.

Tesla Targets $27,000 EV at Giga Berlin

Tesla aims to produce a $27,000 budget-friendly EV at its Giga Berlin amidst growing unionization and wage pressures. The Tesla North American Charging Standard is gaining industry support, with companies like Lucid adopting it, which may impact the Combined Charging System's prevalence.

Kia EV6 GT Lauded for Innovation and Performance

The Kia EV6 GT has been named one of Time Magazine's Best Inventions of 2023 and Road & Track's 2024 Performance EV of the Year Under $100,000. Kia urges dealers to adhere to MSRP, especially for the upcoming, uniquely designed EV9.

Aspark Owl EV: A Luxurious Debut

Japan welcomes the debut of the ultra-luxurious Aspark Owl EV, a hypercar with roots in its conceptual birthplace. Crafted in Italy, the Owl is among the fastest electric hypercars, and with a multi-million dollar price tag, only 50 units will be produced for Japan's wealthy clientele.

The Aspark Owl

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