Lamborghini Enters the NFT Game

5 people’s keychains are about to get a whole lot cooler!
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Lamborghini Enters the NFT Game

As of February 1st, luxury sports car manufacturer, Lamborghini, began selling NFT images celebrating the Apollo Moon missions. Calling the project "Space Time Memory" the company worked with Swiss artist, Fabian Oefner, to create "Exploded view" images of the Lamborghini Aventador Ultima breaking up over Earth's horizon.

The images themselves were created using engineering plans, blueprints, thousands of component photos, and even photos captured by balloons of the curve of the Earth for the background. In addition to one of these five unique pieces of digital art, the lucky owners will receive unique "Space Keys" made from material Lamborghini sent to space 2 years ago. The key will provide access to the image.

Telling it like it is - 5 people’s keychains are about to get a whole lot cooler!

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