Layoffs, Lawsuits, and Little Blue Checks

Stephen King got pretty annoyed by the $8 thing, and he has tons of money, so we don’t think it was actually about the fee. 📚
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Layoffs, Lawsuits, and Little Blue Checks

Elon Musk took over Twitter recently, and news has been flying around ever since. Since one of the first pieces of news was a hoax mass layoff we waited a moment to report the way the dust seems to be settling. Here are a few updates we feel confident about sharing!

🙁Layoffs. Thursday evening, Twitter let its employees know that layoffs were beginning. About 50% or 3,700 of the opinion-blasting platform's 7,500 are expected to be let go.

🧑‍⚖️Objection! Based on federal and California state law, a group of former and current employees filed legal action seeking appropriate notice or severance from the company.

🐦Twitter Blue. In addition to staff cuts, the platform has a new paid option. The coveted Blue verification check mark will now be a monthly subscription-based feature. For $8 users will gain a preferential experience that reduces ads and increases visibility.

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