Making Movies, Keeping Up, and Starting The Price Cut Cascade

TL: DR - Tesla staged a self-driving video they tried to pass as real back in 2016, their price cuts are working, and it is likely other EV makers will follow in what has been referred to as a “price cut war.” We know it as “business as normal when OEMs have inventory to move.”
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Making Movies, Keeping Up, and Starting The Price Cut Cascade

ACTION! A video used to promote Tesla's self-driving tech was staged. Testimony by a senior engineer regarding a 2016 video showing the tech's ability to stop at a red light or accelerate at a green light was made before the system could actually do such things.

It is the first confirmation by a Tesla employee that the test drive was staged. They used 3D mapping to set a predetermined route and had a driver intervene during the test runs, despite a caption that the driver was there for legal reasons only.

Get in line. Following price cuts around the globe, Tesla is seeing "unprecedented demand" in the US and a surge in retail sales in China.

The company says the cuts were due to inflation, while many experts say the company needed price cuts to create demand.

Ripples. The price cuts also signal a shift in the EV market. The price cuts qualify many Teslas for US EV tax credits, and some analysts say they could be the first shot in a coming price war.

It is unknown how other EV makers will respond as material sourcing and the supply chain limit OEM production ability.

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