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Market Mechanics

Economic Indicators:

  • Job Market — While job growth is slowing, the market remains historically tight. Interestingly, wage growth has been outpacing inflation since April.
  • Consumer Credit — There was an increase of $9.06B in September, a bounce back from the previous month's decline, driven by auto loans, student loans, and credit card debt.
  • Consumer Sentiment — It's seen a recent drop, influenced by rising interest rates and gasoline prices.

Sales Trends:

  • New Vehicles — Sales in October increased by 1.5% year-over-year, despite a month-over-month drop of 9.6%.


  • New Vehicle Supply — Despite strikes, new vehicle inventory began November higher than early October. The US supply of unsold new vehicles climbed to 2.40M units, a 62% increase from the previous year.
  • Used Vehicle Supply — Used-vehicle inventory volume at the start of November was slightly higher than in early October but days’ supply remained flat at 49.
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Retail Price Trends:

  • Stabilization — Price changes across categories were minimal, suggesting a leveling-off period. Particularly, vans and minivans saw a decrease of $150, while SUVs and cars dropped by about $100.
  • Hybrid and EV Prices — These vehicles have seen a marginal decrease, and their prices appear to have bottomed out, down 17.5% from last year.


  • Balancing Act — Higher interest rates are somewhat counterbalanced by increased sales incentives from manufacturers.
  • Baby Steps — Auto credit availability improved slightly in October but remains tighter than in previous years.

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