Mercedes Sells Speed Boosts

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Mercedes Sells Speed Boosts

Mercedes is getting in on the subscription model. Instead of seat warmers, or XM Radio, the German automaker will allow owners to unlock a $1,200/yr acceleration increase. The performance boost unlocks 20-24% more KW of output - leading to a nearly one-second drop in 0-60mph times.

No hardware upgrade required. New car sale numbers have fallen in recent years leading manufacturers to extend the financial relationship how they can. While some favor value-boosting add-ons, locking built-in features behind a paywall has drawn scrutiny.

Follow up:

Since Chris, our head writer, thinks he is a comedy writer, we owe Phillip G a witty opinion regarding Mercedes selling acceleration boosts to customers.

Telling it like it is - This is really a win for every brand choosing not to sell subscriptions. All your next ad has to say is, "At ____, we sell you the WHOLE car."

Context - We are people of our word. Even when our words are silly.

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