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TL;DR — EVs are in position to match or improve upon performance expectations, introduce whole new normals for in-car software, and become the workhorse tech of the current era. Reasons to wait until later on EV readiness are getting few and far between.
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More EV News

The adoption and growth of automotive electrification continue to accelerate.  EVs are not yet hitting dealerships quite like their gas-powered predecessors, but tracking the technological developments (even in non-franchise dealership model companies) will help dealers prepare for customer questions. 

Rimac's Nevera takes just 1.85 seconds to leap from sitting still to 60mph. The Croatian EV hypercar company says getting that number below 1 second is not just possible, but will be a feature of Rimac's production vehicles with time. 

We all know EVs are not the powerless golf carts people thought they were a few years ago, but at 1.85, the Nevera now holds the fastest time among ICE or EVs. 

Tesla recently teamed up with T-Mobile to provide service coverage using Starlink cellular broadcasting. Now the EV maker will use the same feature to migrate its vehicles from the AT&T LTE to the Starlink network. 

Cars are only becoming more connected and more remote capable. Whole recalls could soon be more like a late-night cell phone update than a trip to the dealership.

Rivian's year has been full of ups and downs. One consistent story has been their work with Amazon. Efforts to electrify the online retail monolith's delivery fleet will put more than 100,000 EVs in the field by 2040. 

The most extensive public test of EV reliability will not be published in a scientific journal but in Amazon reviews.

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