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More Than A Workplace

The doctor is in… a dealership. 👩‍⚕️
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More Than A Workplace

The folks at DeMontrond Auto Group are elevating their workplace by addressing one of our nation's hardest-to-nail-down challenges - Healthcare.

The group created space for a third party to open a clinic on its campus for associates and their families. And already, results have been promising.

Because of the partnership, much of the care offered by the clinic is entirely covered by the employee health care plan so that team members can get care with no out-of-pocket cost or associated stress.

Affordable care, less stress, better health? What’s the downside?

The Group's President, Melissa DeMontrond, says they have already gained two associates in their service department who say the clinic was the deciding factor in accepting the position.

Shoutout to our friend, Ashley Cavazos, for highlighting this innovative step toward elevating dealerships from places of work to places for life.

What dream collaboration do you think could elevate the whole dealer community?

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