Mother’s Day is Three Days Away

Mother's Day is this weekend.
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Mother’s Day is Three Days Away

A woman named Ann Jarvis created Mother’s Day in 1908, and it became an official US holiday in 1914. Of course, eventually, it was taken over by card, flower, and jewelry companies, leading Ann to try removing it from the calendar.

Now, the day is recognized across the world in various forms and on various dates.

The traditional gift was white carnations, Ann’s mother’s favorite gift. On the first celebration of the day in 1908, Ms. Jarvis delivered over 500 flowers to mothers to honor the sacrifices they made for their children.

There, now we all learned something AND are on the same page that if you celebrate this holiday, you are almost out of days to make a plan, draw a card, or drop some serious cash on the moms in your life.

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