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New Year’s Resolutions with All Things Used Cars

Check out the recording to hear more from other community members, and send us your resolution for 2023 by replying to this email!
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New Year’s Resolutions with All Things Used Cars

The last Friday of the year means the last episode of All Things Used Cars for 2022. On Friday, David Long and the community shared their New Year's Resolutions.

Listen to the whole replay on Clubhouse. In the meantime, we pulled our favorite 3 to share with you here.

Reduce the space between saying and doing. David Long started the room with a riddle: "If three frogs are on a log and two decide to jump in the water, how many frogs are still on the log?" The answer is three. Decisions are nothing without action.

Apply what you learn and act out what you intend.

Be realistic. Larry Feldman reminded us, "when you lie to yourself, nobody is there to correct you."

Take time to reflect, evaluate, and ask yourself difficult questions.

Don't ever give up on yourself. Bill Schomburg shared, "The six inches between your ears is the most dangerous place to isolate yourself."

Listening to the encouragement in a community like ATUC will help you remember your value, find the low-hanging fruit of improvement, AND continuously hone your craft.

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