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TL:DR — Chevy’s Blazer is going electric, Hyundai brings the cool, and Toyota makes friends and vans.
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Now Introducing...

It is an exciting time to be a car fan. Or a technology fan. Or just a person who uses cars and technology begrudgingly to exist within human society. Seeing new cars and innovative features emerge to either thrive or veer into the ditch of history is like watching newly hatched turtles rush for the sea. We are one million percent unaware of which ones will be around for the next 100 years. 🐢

🔋 🔩Chevy's Blazer is getting an electric rebirth, like Frankenstein's monster but with batteries instead of neck bolts. The latest from GM's Ultium platform, the 2024 Blazer EV will feature 557 horsepower, a 320-mile battery range, and a crimson-clad interior packed with technology. Two interesting mentions were GM's hands-free highway driving system and the MyChevy app, enabling drivers to map out routes to find charging stations. 

Using an app to map out routes while your hands-free vehicle cruises down the highway is a distracted driving citation explanation we did NOT see coming. 

🚙 😎Hyundai
wants to keep car culture worth nerding out about well into the electric future. Two vehicle concepts called "rolling labs" have the company bringing some classic feel into a market that looks more like flightless spaceships by the day. The N Vision 74 is modeled after a never-released concept car from 1974. The RN22e is a custom body version of the company's new Ioniq 6.  

🚚  🤝Toyota is teaming up with Daihatsu and Suzuki to produce electric vans and light-duty trucks. The team-up's goal is to promote wider EV adoption and develop vehicles for the mass market. Only about 580 vehicles will be produced and used to transport goods between Tokyo and Fukushima.

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