Power: Tech and Politics

Every step toward renewable energy is a step away from geopolitical decisions based on oil exports and who may withhold them.
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Power: Tech and Politics

Japan's first large-scale commercial offshore wind farm. The project spans two locations, Noshiro and Akita, and produces 140 megawatts (enough to power around 150,000 homes).

The Answer Is Blowing In the Wind. 25% of Japan's electricity comes from renewables, with plans to hit 38% by 2030. 10 gigawatts of the 2030 goal are planned for offshore wind farming, with the number leaping to 45 gigawatts by 2040.

California has too much sun and not enough water. A $20M project will install 8,500 feet of solar panel canopies over the state's canals to generate renewable power and slow evaporation.

Here comes the sun. A study in 2021 found that covering all 4,000 miles of CA's public water delivery infrastructure would save 63B gallons of water annually and generate one-sixth of its energy.

Russia will cut off oil supplies to any country agreeing to cap prices. A $60-a-barrel price cap was set to limit the nation's revenue until its invasion of Ukraine stops.

A hazy shade of winter. Members of the EU have begun transitioning and supplementing energy needs since February. A total cut-off in winter could significantly danger people across Europe.

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