Rethinking How You Manage Inventory Age With Dale Pollak

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Rethinking How You Manage Inventory Age With Dale Pollak

In a recent post to his blog "Like I See It," Dale Pollak called on dealers to rethink their inventory age management policies. The trusted retail automotive author and leader offered two reasons for not returning to inventory age management policies that call for 45 or 60-day wholesaling. 

🥇First. If you've chosen to retail a vehicle, you should retail it. Times of high profits led to relaxed inventory management and age-creep. All part of a failure of management, according to Dale.

🥈Second. Investment values vary from car to car, and so should age management policies. When dealers know the investment value, they can adopt a different way of thinking that meets the needs of each unique investment. 

The rest of Dale's post is available on his site and worth a long look.

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