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Toyota’s sales and production jump, Porsche and VW have software issues, Rivian takes its chargers green and changes the price to use them, and Ford and BP up their EV network.
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Toyota's global sales surged 8.3% to 5.6M vehicles between April and September. Production jumped 10% to 5.7M units. Sales growth was notable in Africa (22%), the Middle East (17%), and North America (9.4%). China saw little change due to the EV trend.

Toyota's EV sales reached 1.83M, up 38% YOY. Toyota's doubling down on EVs with an $8B North Carolina battery plant investment, aiming for a full EV lineup by 2025.

Porsche & Volkswagen

Volkswagen is gearing up to launch its electric ID.7 Tourer wagon in Europe. Porsche integrates native Google apps for a superior in-car feel.

VW, grappling with software issues, announces 2,000 job cuts at Cariad, potentially impacting its software timeline. Porsche keeps phone mirroring active, contrasting GM's impending feature drop.


Rivian's Illinois plant marked a green energy milestone with a 2.8 MW wind turbine. Coupled with last year's solar installation, this assures EVs get an inaugural charge from 100% clean energy.

This green initiative equals ditching 34,000 conventional vehicles yearly in CO2 reduction. Note: Rivian's charging services, previously on the house, will introduce fees this November.

Charging Expansion

Ford expands its BlueOval Charge Network by 25% in North America, now featuring 106,000 chargers. The network welcomes three new contributors and plans to incorporate 15,000 Tesla Superchargers.

BP's charging division, BP Pulse, invests $100M in Tesla chargers to broaden its U.S. reach, catering to NACS and CCS connectors. Extra: Walmart allies with Electrify America for its own EV charging initiative.

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