Shipping Issues In Europe Delay New Inventory

The best way to prepare for the future is to embrace your present. New inventory levels will return to “normal” eventually. Let’s not wait till then to thrive.
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Shipping Issues In Europe Delay New Inventory

Two steps forward, two steps back. It seems a return to global stability finds new promise each week, only to be adjusted based on new nuisance the following week.

❓🙋‍♂️ Who is effected? The Port of Bremerhaven in Germany is overfilled with Teslas, Chryslers, Jeeps, Renaults, BMWs, and Volvos delayed for transportation.

🛳🚚 What's going on? A vessel and driver shortage has congestion up, which puts average waiting hours for vehicles 2-3x higher than last year. Wait times peaked around 60 hours in October but have only brushed against 30 for November so far. A year ago, waits averaged 15 hours or so.

🙈🚫 Any ideas for solutions? One shipping line has refused auto exports for October, November, and maybe December. Not really a solution, but may relieve some congestion for the other shippers.

🪧🇬🇧 At least no new challenges are coming up this next week! Oh... A fourth strike at the Pork of Liverpool in the UK could change things at Bremerhaven. As Germany's 4th largest port, it could receive diverted shipments, leading to further congestion.

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