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Shuttle Service Success

Rolling out the red carpet shuttle service. 🚐
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Shuttle Service Success

Dealerships often grapple with the management of shuttle services, but it’s a struggle that doesn’t get nearly enough attention. 🚐

That’s why Paul and Kyle pioneered a webinar this week with our partners, Tony Vigiletti, VP of Sales at Connexion, and Fernando Uribe, VP of Operations for Quickride, to address the untapped value a well-managed shuttle service can play in amplifying the customer experience and saving oodles of cash. Let's dissect some of the challenges faced and uncover potential opportunities:


🎢 Inconsistent Drivers — Customers shouldn't have to wait around for missing drivers, or feel like they're on a doomed rollercoaster ride during their commute. Many dealerships do not actively work to ensure consistency, reliability, and professionalism in their shuttle service.

😡 Lasting Impact — The shuttle service often serves as the last interaction customers have before collecting their vehicles. A negative experience here can cast a dark shadow over the entire dealership experience.

💸 Resource Drain — Managing shuttle services can be resource-intensive. The expenditure of time, fuel, and vehicle wear and tear can add up quickly. Dealerships often struggle to optimize these operations and minimize waste.


🌟 Value-Added Service — When marketed and executed effectively, an exceptional shuttle service can reduce customer stress and enhance their overall experience. Be sure to offer exceptional hospitality and a high level of customer engagement.

⏪️ Warranty Reimbursements — Dealerships may not even be aware that they can tap into warranty reimbursements commonly offered by OEMs for providing shuttle services during warrantied work. Research additional revenue streams like this to be sure you aren’t leaving easy money on the table.

🙌 Unique Utilization — Shuttle services can do more than just transport customers — they can be utilized to introduce customers to new models and technologies (especially hybrids and EVs). Properly trained drivers can become valuable sales ambassadors during the ride.

💻 Check out the full webinar replay here! 👈

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