Snack Science and Sharing

Hungry versus HANGRY.
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Snack Science and Sharing

🍿🍪 Snack Save Lives! From brain to belly, the science of food tells a fascinating tale. For example, AgRP neurons, tiny conductors of our hunger symphony, illuminate our "hangry" feelings. These neurons, eavesdropping on stomach and fat tissue, orchestrate our eating urges, notably disturbed in conditions like anorexia. The unsettling side of AgRP activity? It even makes mice feel unpleasant, even in danger zones, driving their desperate quests for food. 

So, next time you’re having a time, get a snack. It's science.

🍒🍓 Snacks also save communities. Meanwhile, in Boston's Edgewater neighborhood, a grassroots food revolution blooms. For a mere $100, the Boston Food Forest Coalition turned an empty lot into a verdant, community-driven food haven. 

Benches nestled under black walnut trees, fruits and berries were on hand for harvest, and even mushrooms found a home. The park works as a diligent steward, testing soil for lead and sparking leaders to become climate activists. This innovative food forest aims to sow seeds of resilience against climate change, one delicious bite at a time.

The ground wants to make things for people and animals to eat, the best use of an extra acre is to let it... or let some goats live there. Goats are great. 🐐

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