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So Many Ideas, So Little Time

Who knows, by 2030 we may be driving dirt-powered tractors around.
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So Many Ideas, So Little Time

🚀 🚙 China's Zhejiang Geely Holding Group successfully launched nine self-designed low-orbit satellites as part of a network to provide accurate autonomous vehicle navigation. The company aims to have 240 total GeeSAT-1 satellites in orbit, with 63 scheduled by 2025. 

🚜 💩 Ammonia-power is the latest energy source to be tested for powering vehicles. The world's first trial of the zero-emissions tech was completed successfully last week in NY using a midsized John Deere tractor. Researchers replaced the existing diesel burning engine in favor of the widely available fertilizer, Ammonia. 

🌩 🏡 Ford's F-150 Lightning's intelligent backup power feature can power a home for ten days if adequately rationed. The Lightning is not the first EV to feature bidirectional charging, but the ten-day claim puts its power supply a few days longer than competitors.

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