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Solving The Charging Issue

Explain it like I'm 5 - Moving energy creates heat. These cables put that heat in water and then put that hot water in colder water until it's not hot anymore. And they do it faster than a rocket. 🚀
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Solving The Charging Issue

👩‍🚀🌙 Hard truth: NASA did not invent velcro. They popularly used it in the Apollo missions, but the Swiss invented it in the 1940s. We are not sure why everybody lied to us about this, but now we know and can begin the healing process.

🔬🥼 However, NASA is currently experimenting with technology that could shorten EV charging times dramatically.

🥵🌡 Subcooling flow boiling is a process developed by NASA and Purdue University that will fully charge an EV in 5 minutes.

☢️🔌 Purdue has been researching fast-charging technology for a while. NASA was looking for a way to bring nuclear fission power systems on missions to the moon and beyond.

🥶❄️ In both instances, the barrier was cooling cables faster than faster energy transfer overheating them.

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