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Some News

Automakers all over the US are easing off EVs while also increasing their investment in EVs. It seems the market isn’t hitting yet, but they don’t want to miss the party once it starts…if it starts.

We aren’t sure why you shouldn’t sit on fences, but we know for sure a chair would be more comfortable.

. . .

VPs and Gatekeeping

The future is kinda funny. If you gave somebody the "Vice President of Batteries" when we were kids, we'd assume they were in charge of deciding when to take batteries out of the TV remote to make the board game Operation work for a bit.

GM just hired a VP of Batteries to enhance its Ultium EV platform's rollout. The new guy is Kurt Kelty, Tesla's former battery chief. His mission is to develop lower-cost, higher-performing EV platforms and improve battery production. Better and cheaper, huh? At least they didn't ask for "faster" too.

As Chinese companies continue to expand their influence across the global market, automakers, lawmakers, and workers are looking for balance.

  • The UAW is concerned about current U.S. import tariff structures. Low tariffs may not protect domestic markets from Chinese companies seeking to circumvent U.S. trade barriers through Mexico.
  • GM is entering a long-term $19B deal with LG Chem for critical EV materials like nickel, cobalt, manganese, and aluminum to support the production of five million EVs.

Pain in the rear. As GM pushed forward to their spot in the EV game, they are stepping back to double-check their cargo — because their tailgates aren't closed. The company recalled 323,000 HD Trucks due to a faulty tailgate latch.

📉 At the time of writing, General Motors Co is down 0.45% in the market.

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YouTube video by ASOTU | More Than Cars
Recall Rodeo, Polestar Pitched, Deepfake Millions

Get the deets about the recalls affecting GM and other automakers, along with other essential news from the industry from Paul and Kyle on The Automotive Troublemaker episode, “Recall Rodeo, Polestar Pitched, Deepfake Millions,” on Spotify, Apple, or Google podcasts.

Up and Adapted

Nissan reported a 6.4% rise in operating profits for its December quarter; which sounds cool, but like a spoiled kid on Christmas morning, the market expected more.

  • The company says it will not change its full-year operating profit forecast despite lowering its sales forecast.
  • Increased competition (namely in China) where sales dropped 16%, led to the shortfall.
  • North American performance was up 23% to almost 900K units, which offset the decline.

Turning a new leaf. One of the earliest mass-produced EVs around, the Nissan Leaf, is finally going to get some use out of Tesla's massive charging network. The company isn't changing its standard, but instead selling $1K adapters by Dongguan Longood Technology Co. Along with access to Tesla's network, the adapter will ensure as CHAdeMO chargers dwindle, Leaf owners can get where they are going.

📉 At the time of writing, Nissan Motor Co Ltd is down 4.89% in the market.

Touring the Super Bowl

BMW, has…a new, EV, and a…commercial, you may, enjoy.

Sorry, typing a Christopher Walken impression is even harder than speaking one.

BWM's i5 Touring is its first all-electric luxury wagon. It's got a ~350-mile ranger and two trim options. It is also rocking all kinds of new tech, including adaptive recuperation, a heat pump to boost range, and fast charging capabilities, alongside a suite of digital features like BMW OS 8.5 and cloud-based navigation.

All of which you'll learn about from the brand's Super Bowl commercial from the one and only Christopher Walken.

YouTube video by BMW USA
BMW USA | Christopher Walken in "Talkin Like Walken" (ft. Usher)

📈 At the time of writing, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG is up 2.82% in the market.

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