Some Q3 Numbers Part 3

Ok, so yesterday, we found out assigning spirit animals to whole OEMs is harder than it looks. So today, we will give you the numbers and tell you which 80s/90s action movie star each brand is deep down.
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Some Q3 Numbers Part 3

Ford reported double-digit gains in Q3. Total sales rose 19.1% compared to Q2, and 15.9% year-over-year. However, total sales in September were down 8.9% despite a 197% increase in EV sales.

Action Star: Ford is obviously the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the OEM world. Sometimes they are the Terminator, and sometimes Kindergarten Cop, but you know they will always be back.

ill be back gif

Q3 had a 67% jump in production compared to Q2. The company produced 7,300+ and delivered 6,500+ vehicles in Q3, which has reinvigorated its claim that, despite very real supply and PR setbacks, it will produce 25K vehicles in 2022.

Action Star: Bruce Willis, specifically John McClane. We have only seen the original Die Hard version so far - can't find his shoes, but not giving up. Let's not forget there are 5 Die Hard movies, and by the 5th, he is some sort of one-person army.

die hard gif

in case you forgot, ended GM's 90-year streak at the top of the US sales pile. Now, less than a year later, it seems the company was just testing that crown out and may have to hand it back. Through Q3, Toyota and Lexus sales dropped 15.4%, while GM's dropped just 7.2%.

Action Star: Stallone. 100%. After “Rocky V” he made “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot.” (which to us is also a classic), but THEN he made “Demolition Man” which is poetry on screen. Maybe Toyota is just in their “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot” era right now?

stop or my mom will shoot gif
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