Some Stellantis

TL; DR - Stellantis is ready to sell an electric truck that reports back how hard you break at stop signs so their programmers can sell you a $4.99 in car app that tells you 4 seconds sooner that a stop is approaching. That is if they keep their plants open to actually build those trucks.
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Some Stellantis

Introducing. Stellantis revealed its Ram 1500 EV concept ahead of its release in 2024. The battery-electric pickup looks like something from a Halo video game. It will look to grab market share from others in the electric truck arena.


Specs are not public, but the automaker says it was designed to give people what they really want - range, towing, payload, and a reasonable charge time. We can't help but wonder who asked for the "Frunk" (Front-trunk) and animated logo in the grill, but to each their own.

Cashing in. Data is big business. Using vehicle data in products is still emerging. A new business unit at Stellantis will seek to do just that.

data is my boy

Mobilisights will use collected user data to create software-related services - and, if things work out - generate some $20B a year in revenue.

Cutting back. CEO Carlos Tavares said last week the company will close more plants if high prices cause markets to shrink below pre-pandemic levels.

shrink it!

Closing plants will protect the automaker's pricing power by restricting supply, which the CEO acknowledges is an "unpopular decision" amid affordability issues across the country.

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