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Sony's Playstation Announces Restructuring of PS+ Service

Sometimes, access to more video games just means more opportunities to realize that you're too old to be playing video games… or is that just us?
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Sony's Playstation Announces Restructuring of PS+ Service

As PlayStation fans, we will be the first to tell you that PS online subscription services are confusing. It seems two people in the company had similar ideas, and instead of building a Venn diagram, they each soldiered on, resulting in two fees for what should be a package deal. Sony finally revealed what could be the correction to the whole mess: a single three-tiered subscription service. 

Three-Tiers? Playstation Plus is a monthly subscription that provides access to online multiplayer, cloud-based saved data, and automatic updates. Playstation Now is a game streaming service. Users pay a monthly fee and have instant access to hundreds of games. The newly announced tiered access allows customers to bundle features and marks the inclusion of a slew of "retro" games.

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