Speed To Market

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Speed To Market

This week David Long and the All Things Used Cars community were joined by David Simches and Michael Boyd to talk about challenges and opportunities of getting used inventory to market quickly. A full replay can be heard here, but here are a few notes to get you started.

⏰💸Time isn't free. 

You pay for a car every minute between buying and selling it. 

📖🖊Define the process. 

Winging it creates delays. Delays cost time, money, and the quality of the customer's experience. 

💪🕵Equip your appraisers. 

A good appraisal needs to know the reconditioning costs and the value of the care in your market. 

🛠🚙Set up your service department.

Communicate with service quickly so when the car comes for reconditioning, the tires, parts, processes, and awareness are all ready for it. 

❓❗Without the why, the how doesn't matter. 

Your whole team needs to know why speed to market matters and why each step of your process should be cared for with passion. 

🚫🏃The market stops for no one. 

Find your bottlenecks and blind spots, then deal with them. There is a good chance you don't know what you don't know. Invite other opinions, listen to other operators, and learn everything you can.

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