Strike Update, Digging Up EVs, Check-In Charge-Up, Nissan’s European Plan

Ford and UAW make progress, Nissan talks EVs, Indonesia starts digging. 👍 🌍 ⛏
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Strike Update, Digging Up EVs, Check-In Charge-Up, Nissan’s European Plan

Ford & UAW's Tug of War 📜💼

Despite some progress, Ford and the United Auto Workers (UAW) union still have "significant gaps" in their labor contract discussions. While UAW has extended strikes against General Motors and Stellantis, it's yet unclear about their negotiations over the weekend. The UAW demands include higher raises and shorter work weeks.


Indonesia's EV Drive

Indonesia's EV-friendly policies attract global investors, capitalizing on its rich reserves of copper, nickel, cobalt, and bauxite, essential for EV batteries. As the world's top nickel exporter, Indonesia has drawn interest from giants like Tesla. Despite challenges, its resources may accelerate ASEAN's EV adoption and encourage regional collaboration in the EV ecosystem.


Marriott Goes Electric ⚡

Following Hilton's move with Tesla, Marriott International is partnering with EV Connect to introduce EV charging stations at its hotels. With over 14 million EVs expected on roads by 2023, this initiative aims to attract more customers. EV Connect will manage the charging infrastructure, while Marriott will select the hardware. Guests can locate these stations via Chargeway, the EV Connect app, or Marriott's Bonvoy app.


Nissan's Electric Dream 🚘

Nissan reveals its sleek new EV concept, 'Concept 20-23', signaling its European all-electric ambitions by 2030. Designed in London, this hatchback hints at Europe's EV future. With a third of global EV sales in Europe, Nissan plans 19 new EVs worldwide. They're also focusing on slashing battery costs and introducing solid-state batteries.

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