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TL: DR - Dyson is adding vacuums to headphones and shoes, BMW is adding AI to its cars, and Ring is adding doorbell cameras to your 1992 Toyota Corolla.
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Stuff From CES

Dishonorable mentions. A fun CNET article focused on the bad, the worst, and the ugly (sorry, Mr. Eastwood).

This year, Dyson's Zone headphones made CNET's list. A combo personal music listening device and sci-fi covid mask. Literally, something in the background in the movie Blade Runner. Fun!

Look who's talking. Edmund's list of top car-tech features BMW's talking car. The Digital Emotional Experience, or "DEE," is a system "Far beyond the level of voice control and driver assistance we are familiar with today."

The i Vision Dee also impressed people with an advanced heads-up display with virtual reality features projected on the windshield. Apparently, the car can also change colors at will thanks to 240 e-ink panels and "gets excited when it sees you," which it will express with a screen on its front grill. So it's like a cute, high-tech, terrifying, chameleon-puppy-butler, car. Neat!

A 2nd opinion. Good Housekeeping's list actually had the Dyson Zone Headphones on their list of top picks, so to each their own. Further down their list was the Ring Car Cam.

Ring has become a popular name for its doorbell cameras, and the new car cam is sure to capture just as many odd moments. The small device has a front and cab-facing camera, night vision, motion detection, and a two-way talk feature. So if somebody is putting a parking ticket on your car, you can at least ask them not to. Smart!

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