Tesla Tuesday

Winning the affordability game could keep Tesla on top of the EV food chain for years longer. That, or, if you ask some people, taking away Elon’s Twitter account could do the same thing.
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Tesla Tuesday

Weird Math. Tesla delivered about 1.31M EVs in 2022, a 40% increase year-over-year. Despite the production and delivery growth, the company did not hit its targets, which disappointed Wall Street. Stock value dropped 65%, or $700B, through 2022.

Wall Street seems a little more concerned with prophecy than production.

Double Coupon Tuesday. As expected, the company used a wave of incentives and discounts toward the end of the year to increase delivery numbers. Some of the incentives will persist, and even improve, into the New Year for its concerned Chinese buyers.

  • A nearly $900 delivery incentive
  • Preferential rate financial plan
  • Ninety days of enhanced automatic assisted driving for trade-ins.
  • Insurance discounts

Are these incentives aimed at firming up softening demand or offloading the rest of 2022's inventory? We think, "Yes."

Down the road. According to an update on the online configurator for the brand, a cheaper Model Y may be released sometime this year. The cheaper option would be rear-wheel-drive with a shorter battery range. The option is already popular outside the US.

Additionally, a well-known Tesla Analyst, Loup Ventures, claims a $25K Tesla may be announced as soon as 2024. The frequently rumored, cheaper, smaller Model 2 would not begin production until the following year, as announcing it too soon may have damaged demand for the popular Model 3.

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