The Ariel Hipercar

Someday — Owners of the Hipercar get a speeding ticket in the mail once a month that just says “You know why!” on the envelope.
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The Ariel Hipercar

Ariel Motor Company has unveiled, or rather unleashed, its 1180bhp Ariel Hipercar. Announced five years ago, the EV looks like something Batman would drive in a Top Gun crossover flick. 

Under the hood. With 4 electric motors, the vehicle has a 0-60 under two seconds and 0-100 in under 4. In addition to the impressive performance specs, the car has a gas-powered jet turbine engine that charges the battery while driving. The jet produces "Negligible emissions" and keeps the battery charged at top speeds. 

Where can I buy one? The company expects two more years of tests before the model enters retail production.

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