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The Callisto Protocol

Disclaimer- Chris loves horror games but not horror movies, books, comics, or tv shows. So maybe scary to him is just “Oh dang, it’s dark in here.” to the rest of us.
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The Callisto Protocol

Turn on every light and play some upbeat, happy music - we're talking about a horror game.

Since it was released last week, Chris has spent 10 hours with the new sci-fi horror game "The Callisto Protocol" and has some thoughts.

  1. Don't play it with your children. Friends, I'm not joking when I say this game is flawlessly designed to creep you all the way out. The hyper realistic graphics, the setting, the visceral nature of the combat, and especially the sound design are nightmare fuels.
  2. Don't expect anything too groundbreaking. Around the 20th time I walked into a room where several horrible monsters were looking for a firm round of fisticuffs, I realized this would be the shape of the game. A slow-reveal story punctuated by merciless scenes of combat as the underdog.
  3. Don't miss what it is. The game isn't an open-world survival simulator like most games these days seem to be. It is a return to the semi-linear, problem-solving, supply-scrimping style of horror game icons like Resident Evil, Dead Space, or Silent Hill.

So grab your headphones, send your kids to grandma's and buckle up.

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