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The Hills Are Alive…

Here at ASOTU, we like to curate music playlists for each other throughout the day to keep things moving. Suffice to say, none of these artists have made the lists to this date.
No items found.
The Hills Are Alive…

…With the sound of music.

Taylor. Swift broke the internet..er, album records, after just one week of releasing ‘Midnights.’ On the day of its release, it broke Spotify global one day streaming records for 2022.

JVKE. What do you get when you cross Eminem, Maroon5, Franz List, Freddie Mercury, and TikTok? JVKE. Rising to stardom on social media, JVKE (and his mom tbh) has just recently dropped his debut full length album and people are raving about it, including Jimmy Fallon.

Ye. Multiple brands have removed association with the artist known as ‘Ye’ (formerly Kanye West) following anti-semetic remarks a few weeks ago. However, his music will still stay active on streaming platform Spotify. Comments by Daniel Ek, Spotify CEO, note that the music does not violate policy and therefore it would be up to his label to take any action.

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