The New Face of Robocop

Robocop is trying out a new look. And, profession.
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The New Face of Robocop

Russian truck manufacturer Kamaz has introduced a new player in the field of autonomous vehicles: the Robocop, a driverless dump truck designed specifically for use in coal mines. ⛰️

Borrowing more than just a name from the 1987 film, the Robocop seems to embody the same futuristic, tech-driven spirit. Stripped of traditional features like doors and mirrors, the truck resembles something straight out of a dystopian Detroit…except it's headed for Siberia. 🇷🇺

Kamaz is sending its autonomous marvel to the coal-rich city of Kemerovo for it’s first real-world testing to showcase the truck's capabilities in a challenging environment, proving that it's not just a fancy prototype but a fully functional worker bee.

This truck may not be fighting off villains or delivering deadpan one-liners, but it certainly is breaking new ground. 🪨⛏️

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