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The Rings of Power

Asking The Experts — What Tolkien/fantasy character are you? “Orc-Wizard. I think it is the closest option to ‘head writer’ I’m going to find” - Chris@asotu.com “I would be a Wookiee. Just yell all the time.” - Kyle@asotu.com ”maybe the little sweaty ring creature... misunderstood, likes to be alone, has an emotional support item” - Charity@asotu.com “half-elf bard with an oration focus, meaning I don’t play an instrument, I just talk real good” - Nathan@asotu.com (a total nerd) “Myles the Magenta, Wizard of Premiere” - Myles@asotu.com “Elf. I like their fighting style and bows. Also you live forever and are hot” - Isaac@asotu.com
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The Rings of Power

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is out now, and fans seem pleased! The prequel to the film series pulls inspiration from the extensive Tolkien world of Middle Earth. It covers material found in the Silmarillion, a collection of stories that flesh out the world's lore. 

With years of time, money, hopes, and dreams wrapped up in the show, It is sure to scratch any fantasy itch you may have. That is, if you have Amazon Prime and HBO’s House of Dragons isn't already meeting that need.

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