The Rise Of Microfactories?

Free idea - 1. Get this process down to a few hours. 2. Put it in a big transparent tube. 3. Make it like build-a-bear, but for electric cars. 4. Profit
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The Rise Of Microfactories?

Who is Arrival? What is a Microfactory? Is southern England a real place? Lets find out together

Arrival is one of man electric vehicle start-ups looking to capture part of the market before the big OEMs get their ships turned. Recently, the company completed its first electric van and started the process of raising funds to break into the US market.

Microfactories are what make "completing one vehicle" a bit of a newsworthy event. Arrival uses in-house tech and processes to create small-footprint, heavily automated factories. These microfactories will bring mass production anywhere big enough to fit a house when perfected. 

South England is a real place. It is where Arrival currently operates.

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