The US Reinstates Fuel Economy Fines

At least we know OEMs will not pass this cost down to dealers and customers…🙄
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The US Reinstates Fuel Economy Fines

The NHTSA has reinstated penalty increases for automakers not complying with fuel-efficiency standards. Effects begin 60 days after the rule's publication Sunday, March 27th. Initially set for 2019, the White House postponed the update until this year. 

‍Automotive indulgences. Automakers exceeding the efficiency standards can sell credits to those who do not. Companies set the price of their credits, meaning they could be a cheaper option than the penalties, but still lead to profits for companies like Tesla. OEMs not meeting standards will pay $14 (up from $5.50) for every 0.1 miles per gallon over the efficiency requirement, multiplied by the number of vehicles sold.

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