TikTok Vs. Kia?

Imagine — Waking up to find your car is gone, so you download TikTok to look for #KiaBoy and find where they left your car. Weird world we are living in, y’all.
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TikTok Vs. Kia?

💻Apparently, youngsters are using a USB-based keyless start hotwire technique to create TikTok videos of themselves stealing Kias and Hyundais.

👶We asked all the young people we know, and they all claim to have never stolen a car.

❌2010 - 2021 models by the brands have been under attack since last year, but the trend continues across the country.

⏰It takes about 30 seconds for the hack to work, allowing kids, including a prolific 11-year-old, to create "Kia boy" posts on TikTok.

🤯The #KiaBoys hashtag has over 33 million views.

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