Trains, Haulers, and Electric Automobiles.

We asked 5,000 people who want to buy an EV if they prefer a Train or Truck and they all said “I don’t care at all, please just let me buy my car.”
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Trains, Haulers, and Electric Automobiles.
trains vs haulers

Who had "EVs are too heavy" on their 2022 bingo card?

Car haulers are urging lawmakers to increase truck weight limits on US highways due to EV weight (and growing popularity).

All opposed? Safety advocates are not too hot on the idea of heavier trucks on public roads. The Rail industry is also not interested in sharing the "really heavy stuff" transportation business with trucks.

Currently EVs are only 1% of cars on US roads, but the transportation question will need to be addressed to reach President Biden's 50% by 2030 goal.

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