UAW Strikes & Auto Industry Update

Ford’s Canadian plants push on, the UK slows its petrol ban, and Toyota plans to catch the EV train in motion. 🏭 🛑 🚂
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UAW Strikes & Auto Industry Update

UAW Strikes & Auto Industry Update

  1. White House Engagement: Biden planned to send officials to Detroit for UAW discussions but shifted to virtual meetings. While Biden supports autoworkers, UAW President Shawn Fain sees limited White House involvement. Over 13,000 UAW members strike against all three major automakers.
  2. CEO Pay Vs. Worker Pay: CEO pay in the auto industry rose 40% in four years, while worker pay lagged. UAW seeks a 40% worker pay raise over four years, reflecting a broader national CEO-to-worker pay disparity trend, surging from 40:1 to nearly 400:1 in the last few decades.
  3. Ford & International Strikes: Ford averted a Canada strike with a last-minute deal. U.S. strikes persist with potential expansion centered on wage structures and benefits. Some workers decry the tiered wage system, leading them to multiple jobs.

UK's Net Zero Commitments Under Review

  • Key Changes: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak may revise net zero policies.
  • Gas Car Sales: Proposed delay of the new gas car sales ban from 2030 to 2035.
  • Gas Boiler Installations: Phase-out by 2035 may only cover 80% instead of a complete phase-out.
  • Additional Notes: No new measures are expected for carpooling or home energy efficiency regulations.
  • Historical Context: Former PM Boris Johnson established the 2030 ban as part of his "green industrial revolution" initiative.

Toyota's EV and Battery Advancements


Toyota unveils its next-gen EV production line featuring modern technologies like Giga casting and self-propelled assembly lines, aiming to enhance its position in the growing electric market dominated by Tesla.

Simultaneously, Toyota discloses an ambitious battery roadmap, targeting the introduction of solid-state batteries by 2027-'28 with a rapid charge time of under 10 minutes and advancements in aerodynamics to further boost EV range.

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