US Fuels Its Alternative Refueling Infrastructure

The grant doesn’t mention any funds for charging station-based lemonade stand entrepreneurs. Even if they have a really cool name like “Shockingly Good Lemonade” or something like that…
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US Fuels Its Alternative Refueling Infrastructure

🚀🔌The US charging infrastructure will get a $2.5B boost from the White House. Funds set aside as part of the Inflation Reduction Act will be used to bring public charging to rural and lower-income regions.

🗓️🚚The program will run for five years and provide grant money to approved BEV and hydrogen fueling stations, as well as medium and heavy-duty propane and natural gas vehicle fueling stations.

🏡🗺️Half of the $2.5B will be for use in communities, while the other half will deploy similar fueling stations along designated alternative fuel corridors (AFCs).

👍✅AFCs, highways that were nominated by state or local officials for the title of National Alternative Fuel Corridor before November 2022, were granted the title and thus are eligible for the grant.

⚡️🚗Of course, if you are still unsure where you can put some E in your V, the Waze map app will let you plan your route around chargers.

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