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Inflation is cooling, but car values are dipping with it.
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Weekly Market Watch

The US economy ended 2023 stronger than many thought it would. In the last quarter, the economy grew by 3.3% YOY. If it weren't for a big dip in car production because of the Auto Workers' strike, the economy could have grown by more than 4%.

The Federal Reserve kept interest rates steady for the fourth consecutive session, subtly signaling a more accommodating stance that could pave the way for future rate cuts and more affordable loan terms.

Spending growth is slowing while production increases, suggesting that inflation is dropping.

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This year, major inflation measurements in the Personal Consumption Expenditures Price Index have seen significant slowdowns. The US economy outperformed expectations in 2023, surpassing predictions with a 3.1% GDP growth, unemployment at 3.7%, and core inflation at 2.7%.

With inflation easing, shoppers are beginning to feel more comfortable spending (though remaining thrifty is still a top priority).

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The wholesale market is slowing down in how quickly car values are dropping, with a small decrease of only 0.33% this week. This is a bit less than the usual drop of 0.39% we saw before the pandemic for the same time period.

Cars that are 8 to 16 years old are starting to show a little bit of improvement, with five categories of these older cars actually going up in value last week.

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