Weird Flex, But Ok Pt.2

TL;DR — Mini made a Pokemon EV, Hyundai is hiding something (poorly?), and Rivian says people don’t want cheap options.
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Weird Flex, But Ok Pt.2

🐁 ⚡️ MINI's new concept car is a Pokemon-themed gaming rig on wheels. The all-electric car features a Pikachu-inspired display and a front-facing projector for gamers to connect a console. 

If you get caught using your phone while driving, you get in trouble, but nobody puts Pikachu in the corner. Weird score: 6.4/10

🥷 👻 Hyundai's Ioniq 5 has been spotted incognito. Efforts to hide final updates to the performance EV's body have drawn head-scratching confusion from some who note people have seen the vehicle in full multiple times before with very little change between then and now.  

We like how the camo looks like a QR code family reunion turned into a royal rumble. Weird Score: 7.7/10

🤑 🤵‍♀️ Rivian is dropping its cheapest electric truck and SUV models. The company says low demand for the cheapest versions led to the decision. After the adjustment, the most affordable Rivian pickup will be the R1T at $73,000 - $5,500 higher than the previous cheapest model. The cheapest SUV by the brand is now $78k, 

We asked 14 strangers, and they all said demand for affordable vehicles is, in fact, quite high. We were shocked too. Weird score: 9.8/10

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