What’s Happening Today?

Toyota, Stellantis, and Volvo.
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What’s Happening Today?

As the kids say: Oof.

You really stepped in it when the company named (kinda) after your grandfather is thinking about firing you from being the boss. So many layers of crazy.


Toyota: Toyoda Vs. Shareholders?

Toyota's Chairman Akio Toyoda is under pressure as shareholders demand a vote against his reappointment amid a scandal involving fraudulent vehicle certification tests. Two major proxy groups, Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) and Glass Lewis, have advised voting against Toyoda. ISS criticized Toyoda for not reshuffling the board, while Glass Lewis blamed him for inadequate internal controls. Despite the controversy, Toyota's financial performance remains strong, with doubled profits in the last fiscal year and significant sales.

Stellantis Plant in Poland Takes a "Leap"

Leapmotor, in collaboration with Stellantis, has started producing electric vehicles at Stellantis' Tychy plant in Poland.

  • The joint venture, where Stellantis holds a 51% stake, rolled out the first units of Leapmotor's T03 small EV.
  • Mass production is scheduled for September.
  • This initiative marks the first time a legacy Western automaker has exclusive rights to build, export, and sell Chinese EVs outside China.
  • The partnership plans to introduce a second model, the A12 SUV, in 2025.

Rivian Takes to the Sky

Rivian is developing a drone to replace human spotters for off-roading. The drone will guide drivers over obstacles using sensors like radar, lidar, and sonar.

It will communicate with the vehicle and provide directions through lights or an in-vehicle display. This innovation aims to enhance off-road driving safety and efficiency. What do you think about this development? Hit reply and share your thoughts!

Volvo's Truck Wins

Volvo's electric Class 8 truck, the FM Electric, showcased its capabilities during the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Danish engineering company Danfoss drove the truck 800 miles from Denmark to France, aiming to dispel myths about the range of heavy-duty electric vehicles.

The journey, part of the world's largest electric road trip organized by GodEnergi, highlighted the truck's endurance and efficiency. Equipped with Danfoss components, the Volvo FM Electric demonstrated the practicality of long-distance electric trucking.


The real question is: Can that drone skip the coffee line and grab my drink? I’m tired of being behind all these bagel orders. Just put the good stuff in the cup, and lemme leave!

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