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Winning Q4

David Longs All Things Used Car’s talks Q4 plans. 🥇
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Winning Q4

David Long's All Things Used Cars room on Clubhouse had their sights on one goal Friday - winning in Q4. As always, the industry's brains, hearts, and hands shared their experience and expertise. Everybody left with plenty to consider and apply. Here are just a few of the tips shared.

⚡️ Own Your Energy:

Believe you're in charge of your success. It ain't just about market vibes but the hustle, strategy, and mojo you bring.

🎉 Regularly high-five your staff, see how they're doing, and share the love. Your peeps are your power!

People First, Always

🎻 Stay Schooled:

Never stop learning! Upgrade your team's skills regularly. Turn them from "just another employee" to superstar sales ninjas.

🙉 Drown out the noise. Feed your team good news and hopeful tunes. Remember, hope isn't just a strategy; it fuels awesomeness in tough times.

Good Vibes Only

🚗 Know Your Rides:

Get the lowdown on what's hot in the market. From EVs to gas-guzzlers, know your inventory like the back of your hand and make it dance to your tunes.

🕸 Upgrade your online game. From wicked website graphics to targeted ad campaigns, ensure you're the rockstar of the digital auto world.

Digital Swagger

⏲ Consistency is Key:

Be consistent, from how you greet folks to the top-notch service you provide. Remember, your customers should constantly be jamming to your best hits, no skips!

🔔 Preach the "If you ain't early, you're late" mantra. It's not just about beating the sun but also the competition.

Early Birds Get the Worm (or the Sale!)

😅 Sweat the Small Stuff:

Those little details? They're big. From a genuine smile to ensuring that the website link works, it all creates that perfect customer symphony.

🧐 Don't just sell cars; sell experiences. Build friendships with customers. After all, friends don't let friends drive boring cars.

Relationships over Transactions

Join us this Friday morning for another informative hour of automotive wisdom!

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