Wonka’s New Game

Melts in your mouth and in your hand. 🍫
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Wonka’s New Game

A Sweet Gaming Treat!
Xbox introduces a mouth-watering twist in gaming: an edible chocolate controller! Wrapped in gold and ready to indulge, this treat launched on November 13 as part of a whimsical sweepstakes celebrating the upcoming Wonka film.

Not Just for Eating...
Mimicking Wonka’s iconic burgundy coat, the controller comes with five special chocolate truffles. Each truffle, from the espresso-zinged “Button Smasher” to the zesty “Your Citrus Sidekick,” promises to add a playful touch to your gaming experience.


A Feast for the Eyes Too!
For those who prefer their gaming gear non-edible, there's the special Xbox Series X console, designed like Willy Wonka’s enchanting chocolate shop.

Join the Fun!
Eager to dive into this delicious gaming world? Follow Xbox on X, retweet their sweepstakes tweet, and you might just unwrap this unique gaming experience before the movie's premiere on December 15.

What’s on your Christmas list that wouldn’t be totally ruined if Saint Nick dropped it off and it was made of chocolate?

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