How to Unsuck Your Video Ad Strategy in 2023

December 7, 2022
Join Effectv and ASOTU in a first-ever webinar event by ASOTU. This webinar will look at how to build a 2023 strategy that drives growth and community through video advertising across multiple mediums.
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What it was pre-pandemic

  • Brand marketers gaining market share
  • Fierce competition at the bottom of the funnel w price payment 
  • OTT and CTV were in early stages

What happened during the pandemic through mid-year 2022

  • No incentives, low inventory, stores closed = nothing for price payment to talk about 
  • Everyone’s only option was brand
  • Many canceled traditional video spends 
  • Inventory shortage meant consumers worked to find the vehicle
  • Many stopped marketing altogether

What is happening now

  • Incentives and inventory coming back
  • Objections rising in the sales process
  • Dealers are realizing they need to get back in the game and are possibly behind their competitors who already have

What happens when you stop spending on content and placements

  • Market share drops 
  • Consumers lose familiarity
  • Have to ‘break the wheels free’ again

What is the progressive mindset to do that

  • Strategy: Concept of multi-screen
  • Strategy: ‘Always On’ Mentality
  • Strategy: Brand or Brand/Transaction Mix creative output
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