Alex Vetter

Alex Vetter

Alex co-founded and has served as President and CEO since November 2014. Since becoming CEO, Alex has taken public and transformed the Company’s business model from an online listings and content provider to a full marketplace solutions platform, uniting media, digital solutions and data to drive efficiencies for the auto industry. Alex has also diversified the Company’s revenue streams with the strategic acquisition of Dealer Inspire and the productization of’s more than 20-years of data, accelerating the Company’s digital solutions and data strategies. Alex is passionate about empowering users and leveraging technology to enable businesses to keep local at the center of digital community and commerce. Prior to his role as chief executive officer, he developed the go to market systems to expand nationally and served as senior vice president and chief operating officer bringing an intimate knowledge of the Company’s business as well as close working relationships with all major customers, partners and senior executives. Prior to, Alex served as Manager of Business Development of Classified Ventures from 1997 to 1998, and as Business Development Manager of Tribune Interactive/Tribune Media Services from 1996 to 1997. Alex holds a B.A. in History and Psychology from Providence College.

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