Dr. Nicole Lipkin

Dr. Nicole Lipkin

Nicole Lipkin, Psy.D., MBA, is an internationally recognized organizational psychologist, speaker and executive coach. Partnering with leadership teams across the globe, Nicole has elevated culture and leadership strategies at some of the largest corporations in the world, including Google, Berkshire Hathaway, Visa, Honda, Hearst, UnitedHealth Group and more. As the CEO of Equilibria Leadership Consulting, a leadership and organizational development firm, Equilibria Psychological and Consultation Services, a large group psychology practice, and the Founder of HeyKiddo™, Nicole has built a network of companies with one, intertwined mission: To enhance from the inside-out. Featured on outlets such as NPR, NBC, Entrepreneur, CBS, Fox Business News and a regular contributor to Forbes.com, Nicole is a sought-after business leader and expert in human behavior and the psychology of leadership, as well as the author of two best-selling books, “What Keeps Leaders Up At Night” and “Y in the Workplace: Managing the “Me First” Generation,” With a doctoral in clinical psychology (Psy.D.), Master of Business Administration (MBA), and Master of Criminal Justice (MACJ), Nicole is an adjunct faculty member at the industry-leading Center for Creative Leadership and is also a board-certified executive coach and ICF credentialed coach. Nicole lives in Philly with her husband, Matt, her toddler, Charlie, and her spunky cat, El Guapo Meatball. They can be found having killer living room dance parties at any given time.

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