CarOffer is the automotive industry’s leading digital wholesale marketplace that allows dealers and dealer groups to buy, sell, and trade with automation and ease. Leveraging the power of data, national scale, and the company’s proprietary Buying Matrix™ technology, the platform helps dealers acquire and exchange used inventory more efficiently. With thousands of dealerships competing to source pre-owned vehicles, CarOffer instantly matches dealer’s inventory to the highest offers in the country in seconds. Not only can dealers acquire inventory using our platform; they can also sell and trade used vehicles. Using our automated platform, dealers can get instant offers from buyers across the country and remove the risks associated with stale inventory. With real-time offers at the point of appraisal, CarOffer enables you to negotiate deals with confidence and, in turn, trade more cars each month. With decades of experience and expertise, our team has driven CarOffer to be the leading platform for instant trading in the automotive industry. Our employees and the values they each embody has been an integral part of our success. CarOffer is part of the CarGurus network (Nasdaq: CARG). For more information, visit

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