2030 EV Intel, AppleGas, Mid-Flight Live Streaming

July 1, 2022
As much of the country starts moving around for the holiday weekend we’re bringing a summary of OEM EV plans, talking about the upcoming ability to pay for gas while still in your car, and the real possibility of in-flight high speed internet service.
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Forget the AppleCar, Apple CarPlay might have us paying for gas while we’re still in the car

  • Navigate to nearest station, pull up to pump, ba-ding! Paid.
  • Dallas based, Sinclair, operator of 1600 stations plans to deploy the tech
  • Jack Barger, the company's senior vice president of marketing said, "We are excited by the idea that consumers could navigate to a Sinclair station and purchase fuel from their vehicle navigation screen."
  • Donald Frieden, chief executive officer of Houston-based P97 Networks, which makes the digital plumbing that many fuel companies will use to connect their apps to cars, said, "It's a massive marketplace, and consumers really want to take friction out of payments,"
  • Take Away: Seamless experience, bragging rights, less time looking at the actual price of gas…win.

SpaceX’s Starlink approved by the FCC for use on commercial flights

  • According to Musk, could offer speeds of 500mbps
  • Rules indicate Starlink must accept interference from certain frequency bands
  • Competitor Visaat has inked a deal w Southwest and Amazon also has plans to get 1000s of satellites up to get in the game
  • Take Away: First live streams from the air?

Recent AutoNews Intelligence report summarizes OEM’s electrification plans through 2030

  • Ford plans on being the #2 global EV producer by 2026, behind Tesla
  • Cadillac and Buick will be GM’s first all-EV brands by 2035
  • Hyundai/Kia/Genesis will have 31 new EV models by 2027
  • VW, half of all sales to be EV by 2030 and 100% by 2040
  • Volvo 100% Electric by 2030
  • Honda going for 30 by 2030
  • Toyota taking a measured approach saying they will offer a Hybrid version of all vehicles until their customers are ready for a full transition
  • Had the first hybrid 20 years ago
  • Currently deploying hydrogen fuel cell tech for heavy trucks in their Georgetown, KY plant and working on having a passenger vehicle ready to sell in upcoming zero emission states
  • Pouring resources into more space efficient solid state battery tech to leapfrog current lithium ion tech
  • Take away: Words vs. actions vs reality. How much is hype and how much is actually demand?


Kyle Mountsier, Paul Daly

Paul Daly  00:23

Good morning, troublemakers. Happy Friday, July 1, first day, the second half of the year, everybody is gearing up to get on Fourth of July. How's lettings making sure we know his name on his nametag talking about buying gas from your car and an Eevee Intel report. The people really want to add a couple more things to talk about

Kyle Mountsier  00:41

too. There's like, what he's like we're doing these three things. Also these eight.

Paul Daly  00:46

Yeah, well, listen, listen, it's been there been some heavy topics this week. So we were thinking like, we're gonna keep it lighter and fun. But still, you're gonna learn something today, because that is always a requisite, a requisite when you are in this ecosystem, we can have fun, but we got to learn something. You already know this, you're not going to learn this. But a soda con tickets are launching Tuesday, you know, Tuesday, like we are, we are like days away. This is the last one. Oh, so if you haven't already, and you want an opportunity to buy a ticket to a soda con, you have to be on the pre register list at a soda con.com. If your dealer you have a little bit more latitude, because you know, we have a lot more dealer tickets available. If you're an industry partner. And you're not a collaborator slash sponsor of the event. We only have 50 tickets. That's it. 50 tickets,

Kyle Mountsier  01:37

I want to ask me yesterday they were they were like, That's it. That's it. I was like, yeah, so real.

Paul Daly  01:44

That's it. For real. That's it. So you know, how many people are on the pre reg list right now?

Kyle Mountsier  01:50

Like over 150. Okay, so get

Paul Daly  01:53

yourself on the prereqs really good shot

Kyle Mountsier  01:55

dealers 50%. Industry partners. So if you take the 50% industry partners in

Paul Daly  01:59

there are more right, there are more people that want to go than tickets. So get on the list, will let you know if you can buy a ticket, if you're an industry partner, we got to be on that list, because there's not going to be anything else. Oh, we haven't talked about this a lot. What you haven't seen anything really about a shoulder con online much as far as tickets, because we're not telling anybody that isn't in this community. If you're not listening to the podcast, or getting the email, you have no idea when tickets are going on sale. And if you're not in there, then you didn't hear me say that. So it doesn't matter. But we wanted to keep that community small to give our people the best chance of getting the tickets first. And if you have the poll app, from the year end extravaganza, if you have that, we are guaranteeing a ticket spot for you. So if you don't know what that means, then it doesn't matter. But if you know what that means, it's because you have one. It's an NFT that we issued on our last year's event. And if you have it, we're giving you the first in line privileges. So let's go next week, man, we have a lot of announcements next week, speakers, and collaborators. And man, we've been just going bonkers. And a slew of content is about to come your way from all the speakers and guests and thought leaders and it's going to be a crazy 75 days, it's gonna be

Kyle Mountsier  03:15

nuts, like everything's gonna start to once we hit Tickets on sale, it's going to be like, all of this stuff that you're just going to see get excited for and if you're coming or not coming, you're just gonna get the benefit of getting so many wonderful thoughts across the industry outside of the industry. And I can't wait to share it all with you.

Paul Daly  03:32

Yeah, man, it's been so much fun to work with us if you don't realize this, like, like our hands are in the dirt on this every day. Like we're writing copy for the site, getting pictures, Kyle's back there and learning how to code on Webflow to do all the fancy stuff that are that are our designer who happens to be a very high end designer, he made all these fancy, beautiful looking things in cars like he put, he threw

Kyle Mountsier  03:53

down the gauntlet. He was like, here's some cool stuff that I think should happen. And I was like,

Paul Daly  03:57

it's amazing how the simpler and cleaner it looks, the harder it is to code. Absolutely. It's easy to make it jumbled and ugly. Very easy. I mean, just look at the internet. Look at websites just look at the internet. So it's Fourth of July weekend. You know that means a lot of things for different people. Some people are open on the fourth, some people are closed on the fourth. A lot of people are moving around the country and I wish I should have pulled a picture this up. But Fourth of July last year was when Kyle's family and my family got together at Glen Lundy's house in his fourth of July party we all met each other for the first time and we really had the conversation like do we want to like can our families be compatible in business together was really were which was basically we need to make sure our

Kyle Mountsier  04:42

wives like our wives. Like is it a thumbs up part is like yeah, they're good.

Paul Daly  04:47

Okay, sounds good. I feel good about this. Okay, then we're good. We're good. We're good. We're going and so um, that was a year ago a lot has

Kyle Mountsier  04:54

happened. It's a lot has happened in the year we've we flex we move we changed we've you know Things in the industry have. I feel like been completely shaken up in a year things in business have been completely shaken up. And it's been a fun journey. I can't we were talking yesterday, I can't wait to see what July 1 2023 looks like from a business landscape, auto retail, uh, so do all of those things.

Paul Daly  05:21

I think it's gonna be that picture. You know, like when were you and I are in Times Square, and like a soda was on the big screen in the back. Let's do it. Let's just throw that out there. Let's throw that out there,

Kyle Mountsier  05:31

put it in the world.

Paul Daly  05:33

We're gonna manifest it. There you go. Dave Meltzer like now that we've said it, we actually our brains will subconsciously focus on that. Alright, let's get into some news. Like we said, we got some lighter stories, we're going to talk about a few tech things, then we're going to give a little bit of an Eevee summary a mid year Eevee summary. And I think that one's going to be a lot of fun. But first and foremost, man, Apple car is going to allow us to buy gas in our vehicle, like from the vehicle, okay. Granted yourself to get out of the vehicle. Yeah,

Kyle Mountsier  06:05

that's the thing. It's like, just, what's the point? Is it like, Oh, I know, now I can. Okay, you gotta walk me let it let it, why there's gonna be at my life easier.

Paul Daly  06:17

This is gonna be exercise and self awareness for Kyle. Because Kyle gets really angry. When someone doesn't accept Apple Pay thing. Instead, he has to reach all the way into his wallet and put the card in the chip. Right? Actually, he gets upset because now he has to he has to bring his phone, he can't just put his wrist up to the thing. So I think people like Kyle will be really upset in the future if they actually have to hold their watch up to the thing to bypass. Because we're lazy as people, right? We just want it easy. So here's the deal, Apple CarPlay that's going to be the revamped addition is going to be released is going to allow you in sync up with certain gas stations and providers that are synced up with a system that they can navigate to a gas station, pay for the gas when you're in your car, just pull up to the pump, and then start pumping. Jack Barger the Senior Vice President of companies he with Oh, Dallas based in Claire, they operate 1600 gas pumps. He says we're excited by the idea that consumers can navigate to a Sinclair station and purchase fuel from their vehicle navigation screen. So I mean, it's a big marketplace. I think everyone's got to buy gas. I'm excited to just have one less little reason to look at how much gas is a gallon. And I'm standing there.

Kyle Mountsier  07:32

I wonder if it's something like, you know, is it like that? Because for me the use is like how simple right? If I can Apple Pay on the actual pump? Like I have to get out, remove the pump, put it in there, right? Yep. So if I can Apple Pay there, it's just as fast. I'm wondering if there's like a geolocation thing where it's like, you just entered gas station? Do you want to allow? That'd be sweet? Yes. What pump? Are you on? They list the pump numbers on the screen on three. And then that like activates that pump so that you use them you quickly like you know, which what type of like it's like three questions as you're pulling in. So by the time you're ready to unbuckle, you've answered the three questions on the screen, right? Oh no,

Paul Daly  08:21

the next step is would you like some coffee and a doughnut?

Kyle Mountsier  08:24

Some rocks out no for

Paul Daly  08:26

For real though. Like if your gas station right and you know your margin isn't on gas. That's right. How can you integrate that so you can have food walked out to the car how you can just walk in and pick something up like it's a good step right? It's not going to solve any massive problem right now. But I think just the sheer integration of it is you know for in the beginning will be bragging rights but eventually it'll be utility will be to think of it

Kyle Mountsier  08:49

and I'll be mad if I have to step out and use my

Paul Daly  08:52

watch. I got it I got to raise my arm up this I got behind believable. Speaking of being completely spoiled

Kyle Mountsier  09:08

that's unbelievable.

Paul Daly  09:09

Now you know people get upset when like, What do you mean? There's no Wi Fi on this airplane? I'm going through the atmosphere at 40,000 feet and 600 miles an hour. What do you mean? I can't check my messages. What do you mean, I can't surf the internet, right? That's the thing. Now,

Kyle Mountsier  09:25

lesson a lesson in patience is always like you can see it like everybody gets to 10,000 feet and it's like, right. And then and then this is why this is the one that I love when the Wi Fi isn't working on Delta because it's always delta. And then all of a sudden like a minute later after everyone's tried canceling five times. You see everyone doing this now?

Paul Daly  09:46

Is it just me isn't just me. Right? That's how you could tell it's like the prairie dogs had started popping up. Well, maybe some relief is in sight SpaceX is Starlink was just approved by the FCC fought to use their satellite internet net service on commercial flights. I looked it up because it didn't say in that in the Wall Street Journal article that I linked up was like How fast is Starlink on an airplane? Well, I found an older article where Elon Musk says, could be as fast as half a gigabyte per second. So that's pretty fast. So this is apparently clear the way for getting higher speed internet service download and upload on air airlines. There were a couple little contingencies in there, meaning they had to make appropriation for 5g signal bands and say like, Look, if there's interference, then we just have to deal with it from the start, like just has to deal with it. And yeah, so there's some competitors that I'd never heard of visit. Have you heard of them? VIPs at all? Not at all. But apparently they got like this. They've been in the satellite business for a while. But no one knows about them, because I guess they're not Elon Musk, or Jeff Bezos. So all

Kyle Mountsier  10:50

the Tick Tock influencers are pumped, right there like videos. Oh, man,

Paul Daly  10:55

that's like, does this mean? I'm gonna have a live streamer next to me on the plane? Let's be honest, this file, let's be honest, the reality is does this mean someone some poor soul sitting next to us in coach is going to have to sit and listen to an episode. Troublemaker, unfortunately, it's going

Kyle Mountsier  11:14

to happen is we're going to be a and c and they're going to be B. And we're going to be like, Hey, do you want to be on?

Paul Daly  11:20

We're like, Hey, can you hold this road caster and just hit this button when we're ready to go? Thank you so much. So I don't know if this is going to mean live streams from the air. But I'm pretty sure it means life in the air is going to get faster. I don't know. I'm the kind of person that doesn't usually get internet service on the flight. Because that's one of the few places with my life and

Kyle Mountsier  11:40

locked down, read a book, listen to music, you know, ideate on a remarkable day for that message if you want now, I'm just gonna

Paul Daly  11:49

know what for real though, the remarkable tablet.

Kyle Mountsier  11:52

Let's talk about remarkable for a second. The remarkable tablet three times in the world that a remarkable tablet actually works really well. So

Paul Daly  12:00

everyone, okay, I'm curious what your three I know, I know. We're aligned on the first one,

Kyle Mountsier  12:05

right? The first one is airplane travel. Yep. The second one is conference notes. Because like carrying around a backpack is not worth it. And I've I've done that a couple times, right. And the third one is when your Wi Fi goes down in your building, and you still have to get work done. And you want to remember it later. And you don't have paper, you pull out the remarkable Yeah, that's about

Paul Daly  12:26

it, that the first two are definitely for me. The third one is a good one. But the third one is when you just want to keep your kids busy for a minute and I'm not talking little kids. Don't give it to it. Don't go to a little kid. Don't give it to a little kid. The kids got to be like 10 or older because it's not durable, like an iPad. So but all that to say, you know, internet will be fast. I still going to be long Amazon so I'm gonna be longing for like, just give me a book. Like me arrest. I'm not a movie watcher on planes. The experience sucks. So I don't know. But there you go, starlings coming. Okay, this last article was we saved the more substantive one for the end today. Automotive News just released what I think is a fantastic, fantastic summary of OEMs electric electrification plans through the year. Kyle through the year 2030. You're right. I was like, man, they just just knew our favorite year and they did that. So here let's give you a quick rundown of the summary and then we'll we'll we'll jam on a little bit. So here it goes. we'll summarize it for you if you don't have time to read the whole thing. So Cadillac and Buick are first of all Ford plans on being the number two Evie producer by 2026 Only behind Tesla Let's strike and

Kyle Mountsier  13:38

thinks they can get there. That's strong, but I really think they can get there.

Paul Daly  13:42

I think so too. I mean, who I'm trying to think who they have to lap I should have looked that up. Who do they have to lap? Well,

Kyle Mountsier  13:48

to get to number two global Evie, producer, you know, luxury producer that's going to be probably quickly overtaken by Yeah, yeah.

Paul Daly  13:55

Eevee total units. Yeah,

Kyle Mountsier  13:57

I mean, just because their capacity for creating new vehicles and I think Ford is pressing into a quickest. Our friend Damon though asked a hard question yesterday. He's like, are consumers ready for it? Are banks ready for it

Paul Daly  14:08

a banking question that he asked me about it right now. That blew my mind right now that we said he's the one that asset well, we'll figure that out. We'll tell you about that. Next in line. Cadillac and Buick will be GMs first all Evie brands by 2035 they gave themselves a little more time but they said they're going all in. I can see that happening. That's what's realistic teen years that feels realistic, very realistic. Hyundai Kia Genesis will have 31 Eevee models by 2027. That's ambitious.

Kyle Mountsier  14:38

They've actually done a lot of that work already. So like Trent Yeah. into other vehicles like they already have. Like, I would say that they're one of those that are that are moving moving into that space quicker.

Paul Daly  14:48

Yep, yep. Okay. Volvo 100% electric or I'm sorry, VW says half of their sales globally will be evey by 2030 and 100% by 2040. I like the fact that they were like 50 by 2030. And then we'll get to the rest of the way

Kyle Mountsier  15:04

when it's like 2040 and nobody's going to know anybody in this office by then

Paul Daly  15:08

let's talk about what I'm going to be doing when I'm 2040 for a second. So what in 2040 I'll be 61 I think or 62 and might

Kyle Mountsier  15:18

be feet up on a beach and not No, no, no, no, I'm

Paul Daly  15:21

not that guy. i That's if I do that about 30 seconds later I'll probably just die. I don't know if I'm gonna be as ripped as Brian benstock When I turned 60 But I can tell you I probably in be in some way. Traveling. Also when I'm at home relaxing, surrounded by kids somehow, like mentoring kids or having some foster kids, but one thing is going to be certain I'm going to be that 60 year old dude that always has the flat brim on there. Russell Russell Simmons look it up like he's he's kind of my he's kind of my my like 60 Yeah, 61 will go with Volvo saying they're gonna be 100% Electric by 2030. Ambitious, ambitious, but Volvo's brand new. So yeah, and that they're already I mean, Volvo seems like it's a great moment for the rebirth of Volvo to become like, super relevant, like it's good move. Honda's going for 30 by 2030. So I like that 30 by 2030. It's a nice, very Honda. It's a Honda kind of thing. Honda thing, right? Yeah, I think one of the most interesting ones to me is this that Toyota is taking the most measured approach by saying they're going to offer a hybrid version of all of their vehicles until their customers are ready for a full transition, which is very Toyota.

Kyle Mountsier  16:36

You know what Toyota has been just like, I feel like they're steady right now. Right? There's a lot of good around Toyota smartpath. Like they I feel like dealers are enjoying the collaboration there. I think they have the customer in mind from a relevancy perspective with this hybrid Evie transition. I'm just, you know, they continue to do right. I

Paul Daly  16:58

feel like I think so too. I mean, they had the first hybrid 20 years ago. Think about that man, like for real 20 years ago. They are working, which I didn't realize but on a lot of hydrogen fuel technology still in heavy trucks, right and Kentucky and their plant and they're pouring a lot of resources into I heard about this either solid state battery technology, which they're hoping will leapfrog current lithium ion battery technology. So if you can bet on one thing Toyota is going to understand the consumer need and they're also going to be very disciplined in their approach and very, very tactical and strategic at the same time so they go into

Kyle Mountsier  17:36

tactical strategic I feel like that is Toyota to a tee. It is

Paul Daly  17:41

it is to a tee No pun intended. Yeah, so let's go So really our takeaway for this is like, a lot of people say a lot of things people are doing some things what is the actual reality in between? Because man, it is hard to separate hype and demand right now.

Kyle Mountsier  17:57

Yes. Right. It

Paul Daly  17:58

feels like everyone wants an Eevee but when you actually get down to it, everyone doesn't want an Eevee everyone thinks it's cool to want an Eevee All right, we have a couple of guests to bring into the show because we were gonna we were gonna try we're gonna try to hold this and I was like, this is not gonna work or we like things are flying at my screen. You might not know this but it is Kayo mount Sears so we have some people and some guests, the studios full of people people are waiting to get in because we can only apparently what 12 And I didn't know that. So I don't know. Just feel free to jump in. We got all kinds of people on the show right now if you're if you're just listening you don't watch it. You're not watching we got Brian Kramer David Long Brian Pascall Scott Rhys Lee. Jared kill a Casey goodnight. We have a cow literally. There's someone in the livestream with a cow helmet on and it says cow is their profile. Gray Scott's here Ben Hadley. Thanks, Ben for helping me organize this. All right. Hey, the show The show is yours. Let's say some Happy Birthday well wishes the Kyle or just Rasm because it's so much more fun

Kyle Mountsier  19:07

every birthday Kyle. Happy birthday so much for jumping in. does my heart good today to see all of your faces and yeah, what uh, I tell you what there is there is just this constant in this industry that never ceases to amaze me about how tight knit and how much of like a brother sisterhood it is and whether it's a clubhouse room or an event or a live stream. Everybody just shows up for each other and so thank you, thank you to everyone for for doing this. It's a big big deal for me. So thank you.

Paul Daly  19:45

You're so old that you're going to be able to sit there go I remember before they had solid state Evie batteries That's Brian Kramer. Just so you know, again, if you're listening, we got people on the East Coast. There's some west coasters that Are up this early and on a live stream to wish Kyle? Come on. We need a big reveal who's in the cowboy hat.

Kyle Mountsier  20:06

That's Bob Lanham.

Paul Daly  20:07

No, no. He could tell the background. That's Bob's VR goggle headset, and the metaverse, you could just look for him. The new Oculus coming out first,


your first guys, we got like, we got a crew, too. There's so many people that are texting me. They can't get in right now. And they want to wish you happy birthday, Kyle.

Paul Daly  20:34

All right, let's do this, then. Let's do this. If you said your happy birthdays, we love you if you could log out of the stream and we'll let some more people come in here for a couple minutes because we have all things use cars coming up in just eight minutes


on Happy Birthday, Kyle Motzei or CC. Oh, boy.

Kyle Mountsier  20:52

Thank you cow. Buddy. I'm gonna get on and say happy birthday. Thanks. Great. Appreciate it, brother. Yeah. Thanks for getting up early man.


Yeah. Oh, wow. Yeah, typical. Oh, wow. We got a lot of people. Look, we got Tim Cox.

Paul Daly  21:09

world are we singing? Yes. From Jerusalem man. Happy birthday. Runs in from Jerusalem. I don't know. Are you singing because I don't think we are singing.


I don't know. I mean, we might. But he's such a good baritone. Maybe he'll just take it. No, no, no, no, not not a good idea. Not a good idea. Man. Everybody


porches. Oh, extravaganza. Time to say happy birthday on this thing. Man kept saying just refreshed. Samantha.

Paul Daly  21:48

broke the internet with Kyle's birthday today or at least break the internet. Liza you're gonna say something you're driving. No, you're not you're Park good for you actually


stopped. I was dropping my daughter off at soccer camp thinking of Kyle wants to follow in his footsteps on the soccer field. But yes. Today is the what is the first day of the second half of 2022 Sure is to lead us off with a bag.

Kyle Mountsier  22:19

Love it. Oh, my birthday. You know what's nuts is? If you don't know make sure and say happy birthday to Eric Hall as well. It's his birthday too. So we share that. Oh, yeah. Make sure you do that. Colton. Kyle, thank you so much for showing up one of my buddies and I can't wait to see like, I feel like we've gotten to see each other more in the last year which is which is really exciting. So it's we'll see each other again. Oh, man.

Paul Daly  22:47

What a mess in cars. What's going on? What are you up to?

Kyle Mountsier  22:51

Happy birthday.

Paul Daly  22:52

Oh my gosh. Don't

Kyle Mountsier  22:55

you do that? Dolly Parton? Me You're not sorry. Not not Dolly Parton. Yeah,


Lord. Sorry. I didn't have such good call center.


What up, sir? Well, it's funny how many years?

Kyle Mountsier  23:13

How many years old? 35. Right. spring chickens.


Got hurt. I had to be here for the spot today because it's somebody's birthday. Yeah. Going on. Birthday Ray. Yeah, man, Kyle. Happy birthday. I'm gonna bounce but I


made sure I made an appearance. I used to comment the fact that gray is in the high school. Oh my god.

Paul Daly  23:39

This is just a speed bump. We'll be over it. Happy birthday, Kyle. Thanks for showing up. Great. Does anybody on this call? Is anybody on this call younger than 35? Thank you. You're You're Tim. Tim. I don't think anybody was guessing that it might be Tim Cox. Right.


Maybe I said 65. Is anyone older? Tim Cox.

Paul Daly  24:07

You asked a question. I wouldn't dare say that. We're gonna let that hang out there in the college shots. Unbelievable. You thought you were coming on here for a little fun but we're actually


getting shots in the face but it's okay.

Paul Daly  24:25

Today we're not going to talk about that. Well, listen, you all get to stay here for the close. If that wasn't a great way to end a Friday and start the second half of the year. I don't know what it is. We got some of our crew today. We're rolling out heavy. Have a great Fourth of July weekend. We'll talk to you and all things used cars.